trenbolone enanthate stack

Pharmacological propertiestrenbolone enanthate stack; – combined drug whose therapeutic action is due to the pharmacological properties of the components included in its composition. Phenobarbital has sedative and vazodilatiruschim action, and also has a mild sedative effect . It helps reduce excitation of the central nervous system and facilitates sleep onset natural. Etylbromisovalerianate sedative, hypnotic and antispasmodic action. Peppermint oil has a reflex vasodilator and spasmolytic activity.

Indications for use:

Functional disorders of the cardiovascular system (including false angina, sinus tachycardia);

  • neuroses , accompanied by irritability, anxiety, fear;
  • insomnia (difficulty falling asleep);
  • state of excitement, accompanied by severe vegetative reactions.

Dosage and administration:

trenbolone enanthate stack; taken orally before meals, with a small amount of liquid. Dosage is determined individually.
Adults are usually prescribed for 15-20 drops 3 times a day.
In case of violation falling asleep, the dose can be increased to 30 drops.
Children appoint a rate of 1 drop per year of life and, depending on the clinical picture of the disease. The duration of the drug is determined individually by your doctor.


Side effect:

trenbolone enanthate stack; usually well tolerated even with prolonged use. In some cases, during the day may experience drowsiness and dizzy.
With prolonged use of high doses may develop chronic poisoning bromine, manifestations of which are: depressed mood, apathy, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, hemorrhagic diathesis, impaired motor coordination.
If you notice any side (unusual) effects that are not reflected in the instructions, you should report them to your doctor.



Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug; pronounced renal dysfunction and / or liver disease; pregnancy, lactation.


Interaction with other drugs:

In an application Valokordina® with a sedative-strengthening effect. The simultaneous use of neuroleptics and tranquilizers amplifies, and stimulants of the central nervous system, reduces the effect of each component of the drug. Alcohol increases Valokordina® effects and may increase its toxicity. The presence of phenobarbital Valokordina® can induce liver enzymes, and this makes it undesirable simultaneous use with drugs that are metabolized in the liver, since their concentration, and accordingly the efficiency will decrease as a result of rapid metabolism (indirect anticoagulants, antibiotics, sulfonamides, and others. )

Phenobarbital reduces the effect of coumarin derivatives, glucocorticosteroids, griseofulvin, oral contraceptives.



In mild to moderate intoxication observed drowsiness, dizziness, psychomotor disturbances.

In severe cases, coma, decreased blood pressure, respiratory failure, tachycardia, circulatory collapse, decreased peripheral reflexes.

gastric lavage, activated charcoal, and take urgent call for a doctor.

Special instructions:

If necessary, the appointment during lactation should decide the issue of termination of breastfeeding.

The product contains 55% by volume of ethanol and phenobarbital, therefore trenbolone enanthate stack; even when applied correctly can weaken the ability of patients to respond quickly in certain situations, such as when you stay in the street or when servicing vehicles. This is especially expressed at simultaneous reception of alcohol.

With long-term use of the drug, the formation of drug dependence; possible accumulation of bromine in body development and poisoning them.



Product form:

20 ml in 50 ml brown glass bottle with a dropper. Each vial-dropper with instruction on the medical application is placed in a cardboard box. ciclo steroidi

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